Hold and Earn Daily Interest On Your Bitcoins

stake your bitcoins and earn interest doing nothing


I had stopped using a lot of bitcoin faucets now. In the beginning it was fun knowing that you are collecting free coins in exchange of your time spent clicking. That is not free after all because you are doing the faucets a favor when you click on their ads and sometimes these ads are the source of malwares without you knowing it. Not all faucets are bad. Right now I am still using at least three of them but only when I have the time. I do not want to give up on these faucets yet but I need to make a wise of my time. Until freebitcoin faucets introduced this idea of staking your bitcoins on their site and you earn daily interest.

At first I doubt that this is going to be true as it sounded too good to be true. Well, how would I know if I did not try right? I had been a risk taker and will do anything once just so I and people reading my blog could benefit from my experience. I quoted below their statement:

Your FreeBitco.in account is now also a bitcoin savings wallet!

Receive compounded daily interest on any balance that you hold in your FreeBitco.in account, without doing anything.

All you need to do is mantain a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your FreeBitco.in account and we shall pay you compounded interest on your full balance everyday. There is no lock-in period to earn interest (you start earning interest right from the first day!) and your balance can be withdrawn any time you wish. Treat your FreeBitco.in account like an instant-access savings account to hold your excess bitcoins and earn passive interest on your account balance everyday.

Annual Interest Rate — 4.08%

We also pay you 25% referral commissions on any interest earned by your referrals!

I was about to cash out my 30,000 satoshi when I read about this new concept. I thought I got nothing to lose because I will just hold these 30,000 satoshis and take it from there. Matter of fact I was so convinced by this idea and deposited 0.00149550BTC last April 17, 2018. You do not have to do that but for the purpose of demonstration I invested that little amount. The photo below show daily interest that my account balance is making. It is nothing much but this saves me time clicking on faucets. Now I can spend the time I saved here to another task that is worth my attention.
freebitcoin interest

Please read this FAQ from their website:

  1. Can I opt-out from receiving interest on my account balance? Sure, you can do so under the DISABLE INTEREST option in the PROFILE page.
  2. Is there a lock-in period or minimum investment period before I start earning interest? No! You start earning interest from the first day itself. There is no lock-in period, you can withdraw your bitcoins anytime you wish by using the WITHDRAW button at the top of the page. We always keep enough reserves to satisfy all withdrawals.
  3. Can I earn referral commissions on interest earned by my referrals?Yes! We pay you a 25% commission on any interest earned by your referrals. If your referral gets 100 satoshi in interest for a day, you will get 25 satoshi credited to your account
  4. Will the interest rate be fixed forever or can it change?We may change the interest rate in the future if circumstances change. However, we shall communicate all rate changes at least 30 days in advance via the website and our twitter account
  5. How can I trust you with my money?We have been in business since 2013 and are one of the most popular bitcoin websites (check our Alexa rank here). Our users have deposited thousands of bitcoins and we have paid out tens of thousands of bitcoins over the years. We have also published proof of our mining operation above which can be used to monitor the mining payments we receive. We would recommend that you start saving small amounts first until we have earned your trust after which you can save larger amounts with us if you feel comfortable doing so.

I hope you find this helpful. Kindly share with your friends. Click this link to sign up.

Very Quick To Claim Bitcoins For Real With Kickass Traffic

a real quick way to earn bitcoins


Here is a site where you can earn bitcoins very quick. It is called Kickass Traffic The coins are sent directly to your faucethub linked bitcoin wallet address. No more waiting for the minimum to cash out. Each earning right after every click goes straight to your bitcoin wallet address which should be linked to faucethub. If you do not know about faucethub no need to worry because it is a legit site where you can also do all sorts of activities and earn several other types of coins.

For now, this post will focus on KickAss Traffic. Do not waste any second come join now and click this banner below

How to start?

  1. Have your bitcoin wallet address ready and head over to the site.
  2. Enter your bitcoin wallet address on the field provided on the landing page and click “start earning”kickasstraffic
  3. Answer a super simple captcha code
  4. Choose the kinds of offer you prefer and earn coins:
    1. PTC Wall
    2. Clixwall
    3. AdClikcWall
  5. Go to Faucethub.io just to double check if your earnings are already received. On the screenshot below you will see I already got my earnings quickly. There is a limit to the number of times you can claim each day. In here I already claimed 9 times. kickasstraffic earning

BitVideo Earn Bitcoins Watching Videos

Here is a site that provides satoshis in an instant. Check BitVideo. You will earn small amounts of satoshis as you watch movie trailers, viral videos, cooking videos and more. Yes that will be quick and in an instant. There is no minimum amount to withdraw. Interested? Register here and get your coins quick.

How does it work?
The site has their own virtual currency called BitVideo Coins (BVC). You earn BVC doing certain tasks like the ones mentioned below. You then exchange these BVC to satoshis and send them instantly to your bitcoin wallet that is linked to Faucethub.io. That is how simple it could get.

Here are the tasks or other earning opportunities you can do on BitVideo website.

Videos. It is not allowed to use multiple windows when watching. Make sure pop-up blocker is disabled. Videos are currently available for users in AU, CA, DE, DK, GB, IE, IN, NL, NO, NZ, SE, UA,US, UY and more will be added soon ( that is what they say)

Offerwalls. You can also complete some offers provided by network partners. These are the typical tasks you see on most PTC offerwalls available online. I do not really take advantage of these offers as I find them boring and uninteresting.

Clickwalls. These are PTC sites where you click on partner ads and earn. Just like any other PTC site you need to keep the page open until the timer is up. I am not using PTC anymore but I need to mention them for those who are in it.

Apps. There are apps that you can install too and earn. By now, you guys are already aware of this if you had been using GrabPoints and other similar apps.

Airdrop. This might be a new term for some of you but there is nothing complicated in here. It is just like a loot being dropped from your favorite game. That is it. Just another option for you to get some satoshis. I kind of like this at the moment. What you do is enter the airdrop code and redeem. Where do you get the code you ask. Check the following sites to get the most recent airdrop codes:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bitvideoclub
Twitter https://twitter.com/bitvideoclub
Bitcointalk.org https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2316679.0
Telegram https://t.me/bitvideoclub

Faucet – NO LIMITS, NO CAPTCHA – Claim Unlimited BVC. This is where I get my coins from. I focus on the faucet alone. If your account is at Level 1, you claim 10 BVC.

1 BVC = 0.42680 Satoshi /Bitcoin Price (USD): $7497.72 Updated: 2017-11-08 10:52:02

I tried withdrawing my satoshi earnings and true enough it was quick. See my Faucethub dashboard below. BitVideo sent me 41 satoshi.

bitvideo satoshi received on faucethubio

If you want to increase the amount of claim you need to complete offers and level up.
Right now I am on level 1 and they have around 10 levels.

Refer your friends and earn 10% of everything they earn for life. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.


Productivity App: Dumpster Freedom To Make Mistakes


I am sure once or maybe several times you had accidentally deleted something important on your phone like a money-earning app, a selfie that took you hours to perfect, or a very important note you are saving for later reading. That will definitely drive me nuts and oh boy how I wish I had a recycle bin on my phone just like my computer. Well, this app is the answer to that wish.

Dumpster is an Android app available for download for free on Google Playstore.

What does it do?

It functions like a recycle bin that you can open, see its contents and decide whether you will restore them back to your phone in an instant or delete them. I had been searching for something like it and I am glad I found one.

Here are the steps to show you how simple it is to recover deleted files:

1. Launch the app. Click on the dumpster icon and a drop down menu will show. Sort what type of file you are looking for. Is it an image, audio, video , document, other files , folders and or app?

2. Click on the type of file you desire. Let us say it is that selfie that took you 48 hours to edit, click on “image”. The app will then filter the results using your selected criteria. Simply click on the file or files you want restored and they will be highlighted for you to decide upon.

3. You will be given three options:


4. In this example we are looking for a file deleted by accident so we want to select RESTORE.

5. Done. You may now check your phone and look for that file you just restored and use it.

A note on deleted apps, most of the time when I restore them I am having an error message that has something to do with difficulty in parsing the item. It is a free app so there is nothing for me to complain about. The most important thing is I still can see the app on my dumpster with it’s name on it. Going back to the app store and reinstalling it will be easy because I know what I am looking for. 

Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to comment down below and follow this blog.




Got a minute or five? Definitely you do. Well, here is a site that works for both your phone and computer. It is called Spare5. Is it worth your time you asked. Oh yes and let me give you a high five for that. Seriously, I’ve been using Spare5 for fun, short paid tasks. We both get a  bonus if you sign up via this link so what are you waiting for? I want to make this quick and real so do not hesitate make some money now and that starts in 5 , 4, 3, 2, 1. Click here and enjoy.

If you have further questions leave your comment below I will do my best to reply.

No Longer Paying: Pick-bit, earn bitcoins digging for gold

Earn some bitcoins playing a simple and easy game like Pick-Bit


Pick-bit is a very simple and easy game that you can play to earn bitcoins. You simply click on the rocks as shown below to find precious gems and gold. Each gem and gold that you uncover has its own value ranging from 1 to hundreds. If you are not lucky, you may randomly unearth some skull and bones that has no points. Sounds easy right? why not give it a try and start earning your bitcoins.


How to start?

You need to register. Be ready with your email address, bitcoin wallet address and a password. Registration is too simple, you can start playing the game immediately after the quick registration.

How to play the game?

You will be starting with a set of five mattocks to get you clicking on those rocks. One mattock is equivalent to one click, after say three minutes or so your mattocks will be replenished one at a time. Bitcoin faucets exceed their daily limit but I think this game has none as of the moment. You can keep the page running in the background and get back to it once your mattocks are replenished.

Play the game every day to receive your daily bonus in increments of hundreds. The fifth day is called the super game wherein you will receive a big amount of gold. On my first try I got about 7,000 worth of gold with no effort other than logging in daily. pick-btc daily bonus

How to cash out?

The minimum number of satoshi or coins is 10,000 before you can cash out. You will not see a cash out button but that does not mean they do not pay. No need to panic yet. The coins will be automatically sent to your bitcoin wallet address as soon as you hit the minimum. You can see the status of this transaction under your Cash Out page as shown on the figure below. There is even a clickable link provided to the blockchain network. You may also refer to your own bitcoin wallet transaction history to double check if the cash out is already in progress.pick-bit cash out

The site does not have an FAQ section so I hope this blog post will help. Feel free to leave your comment should you have something to ask or say.

You may register here